Good Practice Guidance

Good Practice Guidance

Good Practice Guidance in the M.B. Market Ltd. Sp. z o.o. supports and forms the appropriate organization culture of the company, especially working culture, it regulates relations inside the company and between the company and its stakeholders.

M.B. Market Ltd. Sp. z o.o was established in 1989. Our core business areas include footwear and footwear components, polyurethane technologies, lacquers, vacuum metallizing and anti-adhesive products.


Our goal is to combine technical expertise and efficiency in logistics to guarantee reliable customer service.


Our clients appreciate our professional consuelling and assistance in coping with individual technical problems.


·       The company's success is a result of our staff's involvement. Many of us work at M.B. Market Ltd. Sp. z o.o. from its beginnings, for many of us it is the first and the only workplace. Alltogether we build positive work environment, with partnership, passion, entrepreneurship, honesty, opennes and trust on the basis.

·       We seek to obtain dignified and friendly working conditions. We guarantee stability and employment security. We remunerete our employers regularly and on time and we offer an attractive social benefits package. We also provide the indispensable work tools.

·       We guarantee the participation in seminars and training services, permitting our employees to expand their knowledge in many areas.

·       We support the employee's growth through the participation in language courses.

·       We permit the staff to link harmoniously professional involvement and personal life. We support our employee's initiatives and passions.

·       Within the framework of human resources management we seek to guarantee to our employees a community free from discrimination, mobbing, humiliating, interfering in private life, abuse of power.

·       We respect our employees' rights regulated by employment law regulations. Simultaneously, we seek to implement international standards and good practice as for human recources management.

·       We care about respecting of provisions regarding the alcoholism and drug abuse prevention.

·       We do not permit to carry out their work to employees while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

·       We inform each other about events that can be potentially life-threatening or endanger the health.

·       We care about regular medical checks.

·       Personal security, health and life are very important for us. We seek to minimize risks in relation to the execution of assigned tasks. We take seriously any real or potential risk and seek to react immediately in emergencies.

·       We promote responsability and prudent behaviour in workplace. We think that each of us has responsability for personal security and employees security.

·       We guarantee safety and health training courses before authorizing to work and we organize periodically training courses.

·       W believe that danger awareness is a basic condition of prevention. We care about up-to-date knowledge of our staff about risks at work and about procedures in emergency situations.

·       We care about respecting law and safety standards and work law good practice.

·       We respect the principle of euqality and equal treatment. These rules are applied during the recrutation process, evaluation and promotion, as well as the access to the possibilities offered by M.B. Market Ltd. Sp. z o.o.

·       We honestly evaluate candidates and employees, respecting substantive criteria. We apply clear and fair rules of evaluation and criteria of promotion.

·       We clearly inform about the possibilities offered to our staff.

·       We promote tollerance and opennes attitude, we treat everyone equally, regardless of sex, age, race, belief, sexual orientation, medical condition, internship, position, union affiliation or external appearance.

·       We object to the proclamation of extreme views and those incompatible with universally adopted by civilisational standards, especially if they undermine personal dignity, religious sensibilities or worldview.

·       We have a strong sense of responsability for natural environment.