We offer a wide range of polyurethane components dedicated to the production of shoe soles. We offer polyether and polyester based systems. Thanks to many years of experience and a constant,diversified offer of components, we are able to provide an advise our customers on the selection of appropriate PU system for production. We provide technical support, assistance in launch of production, and solving current processing issues, as a part of cooperation. Thanks to close cooperation with our supplier of Dow Chemicals  and constant development of our Technical Department, we can adapt systems to individual, customers needs. The systems can be processed on different types of production machines: injection machines and puring machines, like "banana" and "carousel".Our poliurethane  systems allow to  produce both unit soles and whole shoe by direct injection on the upper.


We offer:

  1. Polyether based systems - two-component systems. Systems recommended for the production of shoe soles, which are characterized by very good physical and mechanical properties, and resistance to hydrolysis. Thanks to very good flex fatigue ressistance, also at temperature below zero, these systems are great for producing soles with the exacting tread pattern or for sole used at low temperature.


  1. Polyester systems - three-component systems. Systems recommended for the production of shoe soles with with wide range different parameters such as density and hardness. This allows you to produce light and hard soles of summer sandals as well as comfortable soles with very good physical and mechanical properties. This system are recommended for the production of monodensity and dualdensity soles of safety footwear.


Our systems are used in many types of applications e.g.:

- casual men's and women's footwear

- safe and protective footwear

- trekking shoes

- home slippers

- high hardness women's wedges

- light insoles

- wellington boots